Sunday, January 13, 2008

coming home is no easy task...

I'm creating this blog with the purpose of documenting my entire journey of Japan, for my benefit as well as possibly the benefit of some others. After two and half long weeks traveling across a greater portion of Japan I have returned home. This journey was without any doubt one of the most important experiences of my entire life. I was lucky enough to share my trip with 3 of the most solid dudes/great friends around. We also met and partied with some new faces along the way, shout outs to; Taeko, Jaybil, Colin Bayer, Chie, Tyson, and Yoshi. The things I've seen cannot be done justice by words, pictures or words and pictures. The only proper way of being able to convey the things I've felt and seen would be if you could someone transmit my brains memory-bank to yours. Alas I will try to impress on you the sheer beauty and importance of such experiences I have witnessed. That was my preface, and here is todays first real post.

Coming home, coming home is a difficult thing to do when you're not sure what awaits you when you return. When you're on a 14 hour flight home and are forced to wonder whether you're losing the single most important person in your whole life when you return home you tend to unravel slightly. Two and half weeks of the best experience of my entire life came to a head when I realized that I left behind the single most important part of my life and because so I may have possibly lost it forever. So much for my heart and mind to digest at once, its a little bit of overkill. A man must rethink his position at such a cross road, and question where he is really at. Thoughts are deceitful at best and when you think something is at a certain point and it turns out differently it is nothing less than treason. Treason unto your very own heart. What is a man to do when he is 7,000 miles from the one he loves and he is completely incapable of saving whats most important to him? The only thing you can do really is run different scenarios through your head and pray to god, Buddha, or whoever for the best possibly outcome. This was an incredibly difficult thing for me to cope with, I would be lying if I didn't say that hopes of the plane crashing and all inside perishing didn't run through my head. I started with a post about the end of the trip because the end is the part that has laid the biggest weight on my shoulders. After relieving myself I will be able to clearly tell the stories of the rest of my trip. Thats all I can bare to write today, I'm tired, exhausted and still feel like its 8:25 am Jan 14th Tokyo time. Please keep a vigilant eye for updates on here LOADED with pictures and stories to match. Arigato Gozaimasu

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