Monday, January 14, 2008

Money spent Pt 1: records.

what would be a trip across Japan with 4 hardcore dudes without record shopping. Of course we were liable to nerd out to some degree but Carms and Myself got a little silly. Japan was pretty weird when it came to record stores, lucky for us it was around new years so almost all the shops in Tokyo had sales going on. The most surprising thing was the overabundance of rare British and American 80's and 90's indie rock records, and the fact that they were all dirt cheap. The most I paid for a record in Japan was 28 American Dollars and that was for a SOB 12".



All of the Creation stuff are original pressings, the Pavement is the Big Cat UK press, OG Merauder press, and yes that copy of Pyschocandy is autographed by Jim Reid for god knows what reason.

Funniest record find of the trip: Silent Majority on blue in the dollar bin @ Disk Shop Misery in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima was pretty interesting as far as records go, we were in sort of a rush so we didn't have too much time to go looking for shit but as we were preparing to leave we noticed a record fair going on inside the bus/subway terminal. We decided to check it out and it turned out to be somewhat of a goldmine. I picked up Isn't Anything on creation for 8 dollars, Pavement for 10 and X-Ray Spex for like 14. If only New York caught on and started having random record fairs in Penn Station.


kevin s faulkner said...

what the hell were silent majority records doing there? haha..people in hawaii were totally into them too..

Craig said...

dicks union